​Do you Want to Learn More About the Afghanistan History?

​There is so much to know. It is not just the war. Afghanistan is a country with rich history, beautiful landscape and good people. Do you want to learn about the rights of the women? Or you want to know what was Afghanistan like before the war?

Afghanistan – A History of Turbulence
Afghanistan (officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) may not be high on everyone’s ‘must visit‘list because of its recent troubledpast.[...]
Afghanistan: A Lost Jewel or Never Meant to Be?
Whenever we think of Afghanistan the thoughts that come to mind are of the Taliban and that girl with the[...]
The Women of Afghanistan
The Taliban regime, which started in the 1990s and still affects the lives of the Afghan people, was known internationally[...]
History of Afghanistan in a Specific Point of View
Afghanistan was founded in 1747 by Ahmad Shah Durrani, who brought the different Afghan tribes together into a unified nation.[...]
Afghanistan in 2016
There is no doubt that Afghanistan remains a very poor country with significant internal problems. It is unlikely to receive[...]
Is There A Future For Afghanistan?
Disclaimer: the following post is based solely on my opinions. Which in turn are based on Internet research. As with[...]

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